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We are Committed to Making the World a Better Place 

AlphaNext seeks to make a positive impact, locally and globally.

Giving back is crucial to the backbone of AlphaNext. Each member of the AlphaNext team brings his or her philanthropic passions to the firm, contributing to our shared goal of making the world a better place. 

AlphaNext is proud of its commitment to philanthropy, supporting the youth of America and doing our best to positively impact our world. 


Helping the Youth of America


AlphaNext's team strives to empower and uplift the youth of today. Through monetary and volunteer support, AlphaNext seeks to help provide America's youth with opportunities for intellectual and creative growth and success. 

"The Youth of a Nation are the trustees of posterity."


- Benjamin Disraeli 

AlphaNext's Internship Program:

AlphaNext has recently developed an internship program to provide college students with a hands-on introduction to Investment Advising. AlphaNext currently has three interns, all from different Universities.  


JVS SoCal:

JVS SoCal seeks to empower and facilitate individuals in achieving, "economic independence through sustainable employment."


The American Accounting Association:

Founded in 1916, AAA is the largest community of accountants. AAA's network of experienced volunteer professionals promotes accounting education and research. 

Universities & University Programs:

Cornell Club of Los Angeles: Supports Cornell Alumni and actively helps with scholarship fundraising. 

Cornell University (SC Johnson College of Business, Cornell University)

The University of California, Berkeley

The University of Oregon

The University of Kentucky

Lamar University

Local Highschool Involvement:

Robert Kahn: Wildwood School Investment Committee and Advisor to the Student-run Wildwood Investment Club

Hadassah Medical Center


Hadassah's satellite facilities provide healthcare services in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv to people of all races, religions, and genders. People living in all different countries throughout the region rely on Hadassah for medical care. We are proud to support Hadassah, an organization that is a symbol of acceptance and tolerance of all people. AlphaNext's team member's monetary contributions have resulted in the dedication of a physician’s lounge and equipment for several rooms at the Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem, open to all nationalities and genders.  

American Civil Liberties Union 


A nonprofit organization dedicated to defending and preserving the constitutional laws and rights given to all people in the U.S. 


Temple Isaiah

Advisory Board Member, Mike Diamond, is the president of  Temple Isaiah, an inclusive and caring Reform Jewish community, in West La. Temple Isaiah, "is built upon a model of empowerment, education, prayer, and activism," and preaches a strong commitment to social action. Additionally, other members of AlphaNext help to serve Temple Isaiah's community. 



The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is a non-profit organization with the mission of preventing animal cruelty throughout the United States. ASPCA is a "national leader in animal rescue and protection," saving dogs from neglect and abuse. 

St Elmo Village

St. Elmo Village provides a safe space in which creativity can flourish, encouraging youth to achieve their goals and adults to, "rediscover their creative spirit." St Elmo village teaches how to capitalize on the resources available to make powerful art. 

Let's Help Together

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