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Asset Management

As part of our Asset Management service, a portfolio is created, consisting of individual stocks, bonds, exchange traded funds (“ETFs”), options, mutual funds and other public and private securities or investments. The client’s individual investment strategy is tailored to their specific needs and may include some or all of the previously mentioned securities. Portfolios will be designed to meet a particular investment goal, determined to be suitable to the client’s circumstances. Once the appropriate portfolio has been determined, portfolios are continuously and regularly monitored, and if necessary, rebalanced based upon the client’s individual needs, stated goals and objectives.

Asset Management: Fees will be charged based on a percentage of assets under management. The maximum annual fee charged for this service will not exceed 1.00%. Fees to be assessed will be outlined in the advisory agreement to be signed by the client. Annualized fees are billed on a pro-rata basis quarterly in arrears based on the value of the account(s) on the last day of the quarter.

Our firm has the following types of clients: • Individuals and High Net Worth Individuals; • Trusts, Estates or Charitable Organizations;

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